Architects design the new Bedford Middle School as a 'school of the future'

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BEDFORD (WSLS 10) - Architects are finalizing plans for a new Bedford Middle School.

The school will be built next to Liberty High School. When Bedford reverted from a city to a town, a new middle school was part of the agreement. Superintendent Doug Schuch said it took several years to finalize details of the project.

"We're really excited for our residents, especially of the Liberty zone," said Schuch. "They've been hearing about the prospects of a new middle school for a number of years and it's neat to finally see that project come to fruition."

The Bedford County Board of Supervisors approved $44 million for the new middle school and a new, upgraded gym at Liberty High School.

Architects are currently working on the detail design phase of the project. The new building will accommodate 700 students, which is 100 more than are currently enrolled. It will have wider hallways, a STEM learning space and rooftop gardens.

Bedford County Public School's Chief Operations Officer Mac Duis calls the new building the school of the future.

"We have current buildings which are nearing a 100 years old that were still using successfully," said Duis. "I think the key with this school will be to help it be the school of the future to be able to be flexible."

Construction of the new middle school is expected to start this fall. The school will be finished by the summer of 2018.