Community rallies around Martinsville mother going through rare pregnancy

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MARTINSVILLE (WSLS10) - Brittany Bryan is pregnant with triplets, two girls and a boy, but these are no ordinary triplets.

"Last week was by far the hardest. I had a day where I just totally lost it," said Bryan, talking about how emotionally tough the pregnancy has been.

The girls share one sac and one placenta. That puts them at a high risk for cord compression and twin to twin transfusion.

On top of that, the boy has a condition called posterior urethral valves. Because of this, he has low levels of amniotic fluid which has caused his lungs to not develop properly.

"The valve of the urethra did not open up like it's supposed to, so the urine is backing up into his kidneys and his bladder," explained Bryan.

Having both complications during the same pregnancy is extremely rare.

Her friend Brittany Wood and Wood's boyfriend surprised her and set up a GoFundMe account.

"My family in North Carolina, other people's families everywhere else have wanted to contribute so we just wanted a way that people could donate money or just make comments," said Brittany Wood.

Checkered Pig recently held a spirit night to help raise money and on June 23, Chick-Fil-A employees will wear special t-shirts to raise awareness about the pregnancy in an effort to help raise money as well.

"It's been unreal the amount of participation we've had and the people that have contributed," Wood said.

Because of the boy's condition, he is not expected to live long after birth.

The girls will likely be delivered in July, about two months early, in order to prevent them from getting tangled in their umbilical cord.

Bryan says it may be September before she is able to come home from the hospital.

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