NASCAR's Burton Visits Lexington

LEXINGTON (WSLS-10 SPORTS)-South Boston's own NASCAR veteran Jeff Burton and fellow former driver Rick Mast were in Lexington this morning for the opening of Ollie's bargain outlet.

Jeff is about to get back to work for NBC as they take over NASCAR coverage at Daytona over the 4th of July weekend.

"It's great-- love it I do. We have a great team, we have a lot of fun and really that's what it is.  We are not curing world hunger- we're having fun.  We're talking about racing and it's already been a great year this year there's been a lot of things going on and that's going to continue as the Chase gets closer and the pressure gets built up for the teams.  I think the racing is even going to get better so we start at Daytona which is always an event filled race and I'm excited about it," says Jeff Burton.