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McAuliffe responds convicted killer's request for pardon

RICHMOND (WSLS 10) - Governor McAuliffe responded to a convicted killer's request for an absolute pardon based on new evidence.

Jens Soering is currently serving two life-sentences for the 1985 murders of his then ex-girlfriend's parents in Bedford County.

McAuliffe said he did not agree with former governor Tim Kaine's reasoning of sending Soering back to Germany.

McAuliffe said, "I don't believe we should just send him back for the sake of sending him back, and then he could be released after committing heinous crimes here in Virginia. But if there's new evidence that comes out that exonerates him, then I'll look at that."

This week Soering's lawyer said new DNA analysis proves crime scene blood does not match Soering, which he says proves he was not at the crime scene.

Soering now claims he lied during his confession to protect his girlfriend.