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Danville Shred-A-Thon collects 18,000 pounds of material to be shredded

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DANVILLE (WSLS 10) - More Southside residents are likely now feeling a little more secure thanks to our WSLS 10 Shred-A-Thon.

The Shred-A-Thon was back in Danville on Tuesday because it had to end early on Monday due to a scheduling conflict with the shredding company.

During the course of two days, we were able to collect 18,000 pounds of documents.

Plenty of people were out on Tuesday morning getting their documents shredded.

"I heard on the website y'all was going to be here today, so I come by to throw my stuff away. This is the second time I've been here. I come back over the summertime, too," said Janice Smith, who lives in Danville.

Our final Shred-A-Thon of the season is set for Monday at the Schewels on Ferncliff Avenue in Roanoke from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

It's free for both businesses and individuals to bring as many documents as they'd like.

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