Virginia law enforcement agencies cracking down on Fake IDs

ROANOKE – Virginia law enforcement agencies are cracking down on minors using fake identification.

ABC agents say this comes after they learned about a group creating fake Virginia ID cards in the Roanoke area.

Investigators say it was hard to manufacture a fake Virginia ID for years because there were tough security measures, but that appears to be changing as counterfeit suppliers become savvier. 

Local officers say the majority of fake IDs they find are from other states because they're typically easier to reproduce. 

This year, ABC agents have made 100 arrests across the Commonwealth.

Even bartenders are cracking down, so they aren't penalized.

Many of the fake IDs are being manufactured overseas, which causes local agents to reach out to the FBI. 

If you're caught with one, you can face a $2,500 fine or a year in jail.