Group planning anti-pipeline rally after surveyors kicked off a property

The Bold Alliance says Tom Perriello will attend the "Defend the Sacred" event

ROANOKE, VA – A group opposed to the Mountain Valley Pipeline is hosting an event this weekend, and gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello will be there to support them.

Bold Alliance representative Carolyn Reilly says just last week, she had to get sheriff's deputies to escort surveyors for the pipeline off her property in Franklin County. The department says it requires surveyors to get a court injunction before coming on people's land who don't want them there. Now, Reilly is organizing the "Defend the Sacred" event, and says she wants to support others who are opposed to the project.

"We have been fighting and keeping them off our property. We are adamant about stopping this pipeline, and it would certainly disrupt our livelihood of a farm business, Four Corners Farm, and our bottom land and especially our waterways and creeks," said Reilly.

The event kicks off in Elmwood Park on Saturday at 3 pm.