Sudsy water, fish kills in Tinker Creek after confirmed chemical spill

The source of the substance is believed to be in Botetourt


The Virginia Department of Emergency Management has identified the chemical as Termix, an herbicide. The source of the chemical has been identified as a container on the Crop Production Services property that leaked. VDEM representative Jeff Caldwell says the chemical does not pose a threat to public drinking water, but public drinking water supplies are being tested for potential contamination. At this time, VDEM is advising people not to swim in, eat fish from, or drink the water out of Tinker Creek.


The Botetourt Fire Chief confirmed that the spill originated at the Crop Production Services plant. No word yet on what the chemical is.


State hazmat teams and local fire crews are on the scene of a chemical spill in Tinker Creek. 

Multiple residents in the area have reported that the water is filled with suds and bubbles.It is unclear what the chemical is in the water. The substance is visible and apparently toxic to wildlife as hundreds of dead fish are visible in and around the water. WSLS 10's Rob Manch said there is an odor coming from the creek.

According to 911 dispatchers with Roanoke County, the source of the chemical spill is believed to be coming from the Botetourt County area. It is affecting all areas of Tinker Creek south of the 81 corridor. Virginia Department of Emergency Management and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality are on scene.

The City of Roanoke issued the following release to the public:

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality have notified the City of Roanoke about a chemical spill which occurred at Tinker Creek in Botetourt County. While emergency responders in Botetourt County and Roanoke County are currently working with state agencies to contain the spill, citizens are asked to refrain from fishing or swimming in Tinker Creek to allow the cleanup to proceed.
Questions may be addressed to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality on Monday at 540-562-6700.



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