Red ribbons or safety pins? Examining eclipse ‘warnings’ for pregnant women

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(GMG) – Anyone who’s ever been pregnant, or who’s had a pregnant wife, sister or close cousin, probably already knows: Expecting moms hear some pretty crazy stuff. A lot of the advice is either conflicting, or it can’t possibly be scientifically based, or it makes you wonder what’s true and what’s an old wives' tale.

For example: “You’re carrying low. It must be a boy!”

“You have morning sickness? It’s definitely a girl.”

“Never sleep on your right side.” ... “Only sleep on your left side.” ... “No, only sleep on your back.”

“Be careful! Spicy food makes you go into labor.”

“I heard a big Italian dinner makes you go into labor.”

Phew! It can be exhausting.

Ahead of the total solar eclipse in 2017 -- the first one to grace the continental United States since 1979 and the first to run from sea to shining sea since 1918, passing through 14 states -- we decided to look up all the things pregnant women have been told regarding eclipses.

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