Candidates for attorney general make their case ahead of election

Republican John Adams is challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Herring

Along with governor and lieutenant governor, Virginia voters will elect the next attorney general Tuesday. A by-the-book Republican is trying to unseat an experienced, widely supported Democrat in Mark Herring, a former state senator, who - with a simple message - is trying to win his second election.

“To help make Virginians’ lives better and keep Virginians and their families safe and stand up for the rights of all Virginians; it’s been a powerful message," Herring said. "Voters are responding to that and I feel like there’s a lot of energy and excitement as we head into Election Day.”

Herring has been the attorney general for four years.

“I’m really proud of the ticket I’m a part of. Ralph Northam is someone who’s got the right ideas and the right priorities," he said.

He said he has a strong record of accomplishments, including fighting the opioid epidemic and helping sexual assault victims.

Republican John Adams is running for political office for the first time. He’s a former naval officer and U.S. Supreme Court clerk.

“It feels great. People in Virginia want an attorney general who is not a politician, who doesn’t use our attorney general’s office to further their own political agenda. They want someone who will enforce the laws of Virginia," Adams said.

After Herring released a statement saying some localities could remove Confederate monuments. Adams said he disagrees.

“There is a law that unambiguously protects the monuments. It’s state law," Adams said.

Both candidates say the race looks close. Election Day is Nov. 7.