Bedford County BOS approves sale of portion of former Thaxton Elementary School property

School has been vacant since 2015


BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – On Monday night the Bedford County Board of Supervisors voted to sell a piece of the vacant Thaxton Elementary School property in hopes of bringing more revenue to the community. 
The school closed in 2015 and supervisors said the building has been sitting vacant since then. There were cases of vandalism during that time.

In a 5 - 1 vote, supervisors decided to sell only a portion of the vacant school for $150,000. Monumental Ironworks, a steel fabrication company based in Lynchburg, will be using the space to expand its operations. 
Supervisors said they've wanted to do something with the property for a long time and now is the opportunity to have a benefit for economic development.

"Well the positive thing is we put a business back in and we got a building occupied that's been sitting there and doing nothing right now. And it's a good business and it will be good for the community. They have a chance to grow up to 14 employees and they got to do some work that's still going to improve the property as well," said Andy Dooley, Board of Supervisors.

But one Thaxton resident said he has some concerns about the sale.

"The proposed use for the property is inappropriate for what I consider downtown Thazton, 2nd and main. Secondly, I think the amount of money that the county is going to get for that piece of property is not sufficient," said Mike Moorman, Thaxton resident. 

Supervisors also approved a trash collection site on the east side of the school property. 

Also on the agenda for the Board of Supervisors meeting was a consideration of a resolution requesting a Memorial Highway from the General Assembly, to honor Lacey E. Putney.