Futuristic sleep pods come to Virginia Tech

Three sleep pods set up in different buildings on campus

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Students at Virginia Tech are getting to take a break from final exams in futuristic sleep pods.

Three sleep pods were installed in different buildings on campus earlier this year.

The domed recliners provide a private, comfortable place for students to catch a quick nap.

The machines play soft music and light vibrations to help students relax.

Students said the pods are much needed.

"I think it's really beneficial for the students. I know that, I’ve been here since undergrad. I've seen people sleeping in all sorts of weird places, library floors, desks, anything, so it's nice to have a set location where somebody can just go in and relax," graduate student Mari Shelton said.

The sleep pods came to campus after Hokie Wellness leaders found lack of sleep is a big concern for students.  A University of Georgia study found the average college student sleeps two hours less than what is recommended every night.