Dangers of drinking on New Year's Eve and how to stay warm while celebrating

ROANOKE,Va. – New Year's Eve is one of the most popular and deadliest holidays for partygoers and drivers.

Due to the dangers of drunken driving on the roads, Roanoke city police officers will be working security at many popular hot spots. Many of the officers will be in uniform and plainclothes.
They are planning to patrol areas with a history of drunken drivers.

Scott Leamon, civilian crime specialist for Roanoke City police says if you plan to drink this New Year’s start planning your way home now.

“The next day is going to be New Year's Day and it will be free parking and the chances of you getting a ticket is not likely,” said Leamon. “(So) just take an Uber or Lyft and come on down here and get your car the next day.”

Leamon tells us that they have seen a decrease in DUI's and he believes the cause is due to ride-sharing services. A local company called, Big Lick Boomerang car service, will take you and your car home for a fee.

The tumbling temperatures can also put a chill on your party plans. Dr. Serge Derpret-Guillaume of American Family Care says mixing alcohol and frigid weather can be dangerous.

“Alcohol will probably give you a false sense of warmth,” said Derpret- Guillaume. “It actually causes a dilation in your blood vessels to the skin. Your skin may feel warm, but you are actually probably losing body heat. This can predispose you to frostbite.” 

Derpret-Guillaume says it's important to bundle up even more this New Year’s with the high winds when out celebrating.