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MVP vs. landowners federal court battle continues through the weekend

Local landowners ask the public to come to court to support cause

ROANOKE – Federal court hearings were continued Saturday until a decision could be reached surrounding the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Court hearings continued Saturday at 9 a.m. in Roanoke at the Poff Federal Building. 

This comes from an update on the "Preserve Floyd" Facebook page.

On Friday, motions were considered to halt construction and progress of the pipeline until all legal battles are finished. Lawyers for the pipeline introduced a motion to gain immediate possession of the properties involved in the pipeline. 

Proponents and protesters of the Mountain Valley Pipeline were in court Friday to argue their cases. Landowners continued to invite the public to court hearings on Saturday to help support their cause and demonstrate solidarity against the pipeline.

According to a post the group ‘Preserve Floyd’ made on 'Preserve Bent Mountain's Facebook group, MVP was expected to present evidence that they will suffer "irreparable harm " if they are denied access to properties to begin cutting trees, staking and preparing properties for construction. 

“Come out and support landowners and impacted communities as MVP seeks immediate possession to construct their dangerous, fracked-gas pipeline. Judge Elizabeth K. Dillon is the United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia,” the group posted.

Thousands of landowners have voiced concerns and frustrations over the pipeline's use of eminent domain as well as possible damage to the environment, wildlife and natural water systems in the region.

As the courtroom battle continues, landowners' concerns are growing.

"It's a nightmare. Their wording that we will have full and complete enjoyment of our land is a lie. We will never be able to enjoy our creek and our land as we can today," said landowner Betty Werner, who is being sued.

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