Blacksburg elementary student accuses school volunteer of abuse

BLACKSBURG, Va. – An investigation is underway in Montgomery County after a student says he was hit by a Virginia Tech volunteer at the school, and now, that student's family wants answers.

"I would want him to say sorry," said Jacob Holmes.

Jacob Holmes, 9, a third-grader at Gilbert Linkous Elementary, is asking for an apology. He said that during school Thursday, a Virginia Tech student who was volunteering as an aide got physical after Jacob asked for help with his work.  

"I asked him again, then he like stood me up and grabbed me by my shoulders and slammed me into the wall. Then, before all this, he hit me in the head with a book," said Jacob. 

Blacksburg police confirm that an investigation is underway after an incident at the school, but won't say much more than that right now. Jacob's grandmother Genie is still trying to understand exactly what happened.

"His mom's been very upset. Jacob's been very upset. To know and think about it, it hurts my heart," said Genie Proffitt. 

She said when school staff reached out to Jacob's mom, they said the aide admitted to hitting Jacob with the book, but again, 10 News has not directly confirmed that. Either way, Jacob's family is left to decide what to do next. As the investigation continues, they are pushing for some legal action and assurance.

"It doesn't seem to me that it's very safe to me to let people in without knowing everything. If that happened once, how do we know it won't happen again?" said Genie. 

A spokesperson for Montgomery County Public Schools says the office is unable to comment on an ongoing police investigation.