Community remembers Roanoke basketball great Derrick Hines

ROANOKE, Va.- – The community is remembering a Roanoke basketball great who died over the weekend. 

Derrick Hines was a William Fleming graduate and is considered one of the best point guards to play in the area.

Hines played college basketball in North Carolina. He was also a member of the Roanoke Dazzle in 2001, the first season for the local NBA development league team.

His good friend and basketball rival, Shannon Taylor hopes Hines' legacy lives on. 

"Into our high school career we end up playing AAU basketball together. And we are in a 94-90 overtime win against Allen Iverson and Boo Williams. And I never seen a player go basket for basket against Allen Iverson until Derrick did so. The summer of his junior year and my senior year. He was an awesome player and an even better person," said Shannon Taylor, friend and basketball, football coach at North Cross.  

Hines was the coach of a fifth-grade AAU basketball program at the time of his death. He has four sons and three daughter.