People in Blacksburg show support for D.C. gun violence protest

More than 200 people came out to the event Saturday, supporting gun control


BLACKSBURG, Va. – People gathered in Blacksburg to show their support for the national movement against gun violence.

More than 200 people came to Henderson Lawn on Virginia Tech’s campus Saturday afternoon to show their support for Congress to discuss gun control measures. Organizers held the event in tandem with the March For Our Lives event in D.C.

As the snow fell, many chanted and held signs up to passing cars. People in attendance said tighter gun laws will result in less gun violence and they want Congress to take action to make schools safer.

Many said they want to show support for the Parkland, Florida students and anyone who went to protest in D.C.

“We want to stand with them and make sure that we’re not sitting quietly, bring attention to legislation that’s not addressed and let our lawmakers know that we’re watching, we’re paying attention and we’re going to vote," event organizer Alexa Casey said. "We want to get people excited. We want to get them energized.”

Activists and other people in the community addressed the crowd after people had gathered.

"This is a community who thinks this is necessary. Gun control is necessary and there’s really no more time to waste. It’s now. It has to happen now," Virginia Tech senior Cassie Keene said.

There were many groups who planned the event including Moms Demand Action, One Voice Blacksburg, Coalition for Justice, NRV Greens and NRV Indivisible.