Buena Vista couple, dog saved from burning home by police officers

Home damaged by fire Sunday morning

BUENA VISTA, Va. – Two officers with the Buena Vista Police Department went above the call of duty. Early Sunday morning, Officer Jacob Moore ran into the burning home of Thomas and Lovie Atkinson to save them and their dog from the flames.

He was able to get them out before anyone was hurt. Police Lt. Randy Chittum also arrived to assist in blocking off the area.

The two said it's their job to go above and beyond to save anyone in harm's way.

"It makes me feel like I've done my job and everyone got out and no one was hurt," said Moore. 

"I know Mrs. Atkinson. I know she ran a daycare there for years and years. So if we can give a little bit back to her for all she's given back to the community, that's a good thing," said Lt. Chittum. 

Once the fire department arrived, Moore continued to exceed expectations by helping to control the fire. 

"I know we're not trained for firefighting but there's no one in this department who is. But we all have the heart in making sure everyone gets out of every residence," said Chittum. 

The Atkinsons said they received lots of support from the city.  

"I don't think I can make it without them," said Lovie Atkinson. 

"I want to thank all the firemen and policemen and for all they did and our neighbors," said Thomas Atkinson.

With the help of the community, the Atkinsons plan to rebuild and return to their home. 

Two bank accounts have been set up to help the family. One is at BB&T and the other is at City National. Both banks are in Buena Vista.