Police reports, body cam footage shed light on firing of Roanoke DSS worker

Storm Durham claims she was fired for having concealed carry permit

ROANOKE, Va. – 10 News has obtained new police reports and body camera footage that sheds more light on the firing of a former Roanoke Social Services employee.

Storm Durham claims having a concealed carry permit is one of the reasons she was fired.

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, 10 News obtained four police reports and two CDs of body camera footage, all related to Durham being fired on March 9. That's also the day she tweeted about her dismissal, capturing the attention of people across the country.

New body camera footage shows the officers meeting with Durham’s supervisor right before her firing.

"She tends to be quite dramatic. In the past, she has not liked what a person from the agency said in regards to her training... And threatened a person stating that she has a concealed weapon and that she called her boyfriend and that he's going to be coming packing. And so, we've addressed it with her; It's part of why she's getting let go," Durham’s supervisor is heard saying in the body cam video.

Police reports support this, with officers saying a caller requested their presence, advising "she has a conceal carry permit and believed that she usually has a weapon in her vehicle."

Two weeks ago, Durham told 10 News: "I've never had it on me on my person on a visit, even on the property and they were like, ‘Well, how do we know that?’ And I was like, ‘Search me.’"

When 10 News contacted Durham for comment Tuesday, she said her attorney advised her not to do an interview.

Durham took issue with workplace safety concern being listed as one of six reasons for her dismissal. She claims that concern came from her having a concealed carry permit.

The police reports also show officers contacted Durham after her firing because someone commented on her social media post, threatening to shoot the place up. Officers tracked that man down, who apologized and said it was "really just bad internet humor." That man is not facing any criminal charges.

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