Stink bugs: why are there so many and how do I get rid of them?

Start preparing now before the stink bugs come in the fall


Fall is only a couple of months away, and that means stink bugs will be coming back to your house. While they aren't at their peak right now, the summer is the time you should prevent stink bugs from entering your home.

Where did the stink bug come from?

The stink bug that you have probably seen flying around your house is the brown marmorated stink bug. According to Penn State, the stink bug isn't native to the United States, but was accidentally introduced from East Asia. The first time the stink bug was collected in the United States was in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1998.

Are they harmful?

According to Penn State, stink bugs can cause allergic reactions if someone is sensitive to the stink bug's odor. Stink bugs can also cause dermatitis in some people if they are squished on exposed skin.

Stink bugs also have a harmful impact on plants, fruits and crops. The bugs will feed on the plants and can cause them to become distorted and unable to sell.

Why are there so many in the house?

Dodson Pest Control says that stink bugs start entering the home in the fall to find shelter for the winter. Once they enter the home, they release a pheromone that alerts other stink bugs to their location.

How do you get rid of stink bugs in the house?

Stink bugs can be annoying when they are in your house, especially because of their smell. While it may be tempting to squish the bug to get it out of your home, there are other easy ways to dispose of it without causing it to stink or stain any surfaces. Dodson Pest Control recommends using a vacuum to easily get rid of the bugs, but you have to make sure to dispose of the bag or the stink bugs could escape the vacuum.

How do you prevent stink bugs from invading your home?

While getting rid of stink bugs isn't the most terrible task, it is easier to prevent the problem than solve it. Dodson Pest Control recommends sealing up the cracks in your house to help prevent stink bugs from entering your home. Stink bugs are attracted to light, so make sure to turn your lights off. Dodson Pest Control recommends installing sodium vapor bulbs to make your lights less attractive to the bugs.