Analysts weigh in on Trump not showing at McCain's funeral

McCain reportedly said before he died, that he did not want Trump at the service

In the days before John McCain died, the Arizona senator helped his family plan his own funeral services. 

Perhaps most noticeably not in attendance was President Donald Trump.

McCain reportedly said before he died that he did not want Trump at the service. 

The two most recent presidents and McCain's former election opponents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. were asked to speak at the service at the Washington National Cathedral.

Both former presidents were in attendance, along with former president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton.

U.S. presidents are often called on to take a lead role in honoring public figures at their funerals, even those who were onetime political rivals.

Charles Walcott, Virginia Tech professor emeritus of political science and an expert on the U.S. presidency, weighed in on Trump's absence and said it was unusual for a sitting president not to attend.

"A president being asked to 'stay away' is almost unheard of. I'm pretty sure there hasn't been one.  He was also quietly asked to avoid the Barbara Bush state funeral. Trump is, in this as in so many ways, singular," Walcott said.

10 News political analyst Dr. Ed Lynch talked about the decision many say is unprecedented.

“A lot of people talk about the lack of civility in Washington, and I get that, I understand that,” Lynch said. “But the other side of that coin, there is also considerably less hypocrisy in Washington than when I worked there 30 years ago and everybody pretended that everybody else was my good friend and distinguished colleague and most people knew that simply wasn't the case. I think it would be extremely hypocritical (for Trump to attend) given the extremely acrimonious relationship between the two."

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