Giant blow-up chicken resembling President Trump appears at Radford University, to spark discussion

RADFORD, Va. – Radford University students were talking politics on Labor Day, hosting a giant blow-up chicken resembling President Donald Trump. 

Radford University senior student Geoffrey Preudhomme is one of the lead organizers on campus encouraging and educating students to register for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

"If student voters not just in Virginia district but across the nation all got out and vote, we can see politics that are more reflective (of) how the majority feels. But the majority doesn't vote so that’s what we have to change," Preudhomme said. 

He and his team are getting the community's attention with the infamous blow-up Trump chicken. 

"I am out here today because we are in the midst of one of the most important off year, I think, or most important (of any) elections in our lifetime,” Preudhomme said.

One of Preudhomme's goals is to beat his organizations, the Young Democrats of RU, record of registering 1,600 students last year. 

They hope to have everyone regardless of views, to stop by to chat. 

"Putting the chicken there, I do feel like it is degrading but it is eye-catching to bring people over. But I do think it's going to make people feel negative towards the president," said Jamie Pugh, a senior at Radford University.  

Pugh says she voted for Trump in the presidential election and thinks the chicken is disrupting to the campus, but respects everyone's opinion.

According to Preudhomme, the theme for the blow-up is to educate students on the current decisions being made in government that could directly affect them. 

“The CBO released ( a study) that a trillion will be added to our deficit and it's going to cut $15 billion in student aid and we are going to need students who are often disenfranchised to realize how much their votes matter," Preudhomme said.