Belle Heth elementary is bringing Harry Potter's Hogwarts to life through character development

RADFORD, Va. –   Hogwarts may be across the pond, but one local school is bringing the Harry Potter magic a little closer to home.

Students at Belle Heth Elementary are able to get sorted by a magical cauldron and get to earn points by giving back to the community.

Tenacious, Grit, Compassion, and Visionary are the house names that Belle Heth has adapted into its daily school culture.

The house system is a spinoff of the Sorting Hat from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, but with emphasis on character development.

Students, teachers, faculty and anyone with interaction with students have all picked from this cauldron to determine their house.

 The goal is to earn points for their respected houses through community service, good behavior and doing their B.E.S.T. 

“I want the future us to build some community service and work with the city and our community and have meaningful projects where kids can see that they are making a difference,” said Terra Grant, Belle Heth principal.

 “I think service is something they need to learn.” 

To further push the character-enhancing theme, the school raised $2,000 for students to sport shirts with their houses on it.

 “We are also trying to do more community support within the school. The houses are a mixture of third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade and so we will already have mentoring programs already set up. And it is to enforce positive behavior,” said Jenny Zienius, fifth-grade teacher for Belle Heth.

The house points will be tallied up and awarded monthly, and at the end of the year, the ultimate prize will be awarded to the most exemplary house.