Denver Riggleman wins 5th District over Leslie Cockburn

ROANOKE, Va.Republican Denver Riggleman has been declared the projected winner of the 5th District over Leslie Cockburn. 

In the 5th District, which covers Southside up through central Virginia, the Republicans will keep their seat.

This seat is currently held by Tom Garrett who didn't seek re-election.

Riggleman says he's elated -- he was smiling wide as he stepped in front of the 10 News mics. 

Both campaigns launched attack ads in this race, but Riggleman says that his campaign's success shows that there's a new type of civility in politics, and he says he wants to live up to the promises he made. 

He described more of his mindset on entering this race.

"It's the time when everyone has to fight there's a time when you have three positions you can really take do you have the start of overage of government and what we're trying to do with this liberty movement. Either be in the fetal position and except happening. You can run away or you can fight, and right now the 5th District is fighting."

He talked tonight about his focus on deregulation and trusting the free market as much as possible.

He says the fact that he's new to politics should be an advantage for trying to change the way business is done in Washington. 

The atmosphere at the Leslie Cockburn campaign headquarters was vastly different from that of Riggleman. 

Cockburn hoped to become the first woman to represent this district. 

She wasn't successful in doing that, but she says they were successful in making a change. 

This is traditionally a Republican district, but she says they made progress. 

Something she, the members of her campaign and her daughter, actress Olivia Wilde are all celebrating. 

"We've got a lot of red counties as you know. In every single county, we got higher numbers than we ever expected," said Cockburn.

"Something has been created here. A drumbeat has started here and it won't stop and nothing can stop it. In fact, I suspect now it will just get louder," said Olivia Wilde.

While they're not celebrating this victory, they have been celebrating each and every democratic victory across the country tonight. 

They were hoping to be part of a blue wave that didn't live up to their expectations but they are happy that Democrats will regain control of the house. 

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