What led to the murder of Ashley Bayne, family explains

She was killed outside her workplace on Wednesday morning in New Castle

ALLEGHANY COUNTY, Va. – Ashley Bayne, a 31-year-old mother of three, was killed by a man with whom she was previously in a relationship, according to her aunt, Stephanie Clark.

Clark told 10 News that Ashley was previously in a relationship with James Bayne, the man police say killed her before killing himself on Wednesday morning, according to State Police.

Police say, despite having the same last name, the two were never married.

He had manipulated her into not talking to her family, according to Clark.

"I feel like I failed her, I was very close to her, at one point she had been estranged from the family for a while because of this man," said Lisa Seal, Ashely's aunt. 

Ashley was in a relationship with James for a few years, but last month Clark says Ashley ended the relationship.

Photos provided by Stephanie Clark. Left-most two photos are at from Clark's wedding.
Photos provided by Stephanie Clark. Left-most two photos are at from Clark's wedding.

Ashley then reconnected and made amends with her family at Clark's wedding just two weeks ago.

Clark said James was not happy and continued to harass Ashley, including showing up at her workplace last week and also at a family member's house.

He would not stop calling and texting Ashley, according to Clark.

She said that Ashley woke up with 30 text messages from James Wednesday morning.

"She didn't allude to what they all said but you know most of them were. 'why won't you answer me,'" said Clark. 

After working the overnight shift at WestRock, at 6 a.m. Wednesday, James went to Craig Botetourt Electric Cooperative, where Ashley worked, and killed her outside, according to Clark.

Clark wasn't sure if he followed Ashley there or just went there looking for her.

Ashley and her family are lifelong residents of the area. She previously worked at the Homestead for many years, according to Clark. 

Clark asked Ashley's step-mom if she was going to get a protective order a week before the shooting. 

"She said 'yeah, we actually thought about going to get a paper where he couldn't get around her or be near her,' but she said Ashley was like 'well, those things are just a piece of paper. That doesn't really mean anything,'" said Clark. 

Now, Stephanie's family is left wishing they could have done more. They never though domestic violence could happen to them and they want Ashley to be a reminder that anything can happen. 

"Speak out if you're being harassed. Get help if you're estranged from your family. Get back in your family. Get whatever help there is out there for you," said Seal. 

Clark specified that the father of Ashley's three kids was not involved in this situation. She also said that Ashley had a good relationship with him and shared custody of their children.

Ashley's three children were not involved in this incident and are safe with their father. 

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