Teaching the ABC's of CBD: Roanoke couple leads the way

CBD is now legal due to farm bill

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ROANOKE, Va. – A local couple wants to educate about an alternative medication.

Pooh Bear is a lovable family dog. And he has his share of medical conditions. Six months ago, his parents were told about a solution to keep him running. 

"Pooh Bear had a ruptured knee and had surgery for that. And our vet actually suggested giving him CBD. That doesn't cure the seizures he was having but to help alleviate the pain associated with arthritis," said Iris Park

And they've seen results. 

"Now he's not in pain. He's more nimble. His coat is shinier," said Park. 

But CBD isn't just for dogs. Iris Park and her husband also use the product for some of their medical conditions.

"I was suffering from sciatica pain, anxiety, post-partum depression. My husband was suffering from back pain. We tried CBD and within a week we saw results," said Park. 

After using the CBD she and her husband became consultants. They sell a variety of products through their company.

"The hemp is grown in Kentucky on a farm. It's free from GMO's, synthetics and filler's and other harmful chemicals. Our company is full transparency, so all of our products get sent off to a lab for third-party testing."

The couple will have an informational session on Sunday afternoon for people wanting to learn more about CBD. 

"CBD is a compound from the hemp plant. THC is a compound from the marijuana plant. So marijuana plant and the hemp plant are cousins. They both come from the cannabis plant. THC gives you that your euphoric high. CBD does not give you that high but it does help alleviate the pain," said Park. 

Parks adds the farm bill was signed into law in December 2018 which means it's officially legal to sell industrial hemp in all 50 states.  

Park says it doesn't cure any medical conditions but says it can calm any symptoms related to those conditions. 

If you are interested in learning more about CBD and how it works, the informational session will be held Sunday at 3.p.m. at the South County Library in Roanoke County.