Pittsylvania County man reaches milestone in training for World Marathon Challenge

Steve Scott ran 36 miles from Sheetz in North Carolina to Sheetz in Danville

DANVILLE, Va. – After a short prayer, and with sheriff's deputies and a caravan of other cars to keep him safe, Steve Scott began running from the Sheetz gas station on Highway 29 just north of Greensboro to the Sheetz in Danville.

Total distance, 36 miles.

"God says in Philippians 4:13 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So yeah, God will give me the strength to get this done," Scott said just before he took off. 

Running alongside him for part of the way was Jenna Belcher.

She's the local cancer survivor whose story inspired Scott to try to take on the world marathon challenge.

"The ultimate goal here is to just provide hope and inspiration to anyone who's diagnosed with cancer, and really anything, but I'm here to show that there's life after cancer," Belcher said.

Scott plans to run his seven marathons next year and raise $100,000 for the Danville Pittsylvania Cancer Association by the time he's done. 

"I just figured Sheetz to Sheetz in Danville would be a great run. Getting it out there, let everybody know, 'Hey, I'm out here training.' This is going to be my first run, which will be the longest run I've ever run. So I'm actually going to be able to test my body and see where I'm at in the training that I've done so far," Scott said.

About six hours after he started, he and Belcher arrived at the Sheetz in Danville carrying an American flag, accompanied by about half a dozen supporters running with them and a police and fire department escort.

"It was physically demanding trying to keep up with him, just thinking about everybody that I was running for," Belcher said.

"We did it! We made it! That's for all you guys out there that are fighting cancer, fighting battles. God got me here, and God's with you guys," Scott said, trying to catch his breath after finishing the run.

As of Monday, Scott had raised about $22,000.

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