Two cameras found hidden in public bathrooms at Virginia Tech

One was disguised as a USB charger, the other, a hanger

Credit: Virginia Tech
Credit: Virginia Tech


Virginia Tech authorities have identified a suspect, who claims responsibility for placing cameras in public bathrooms on campus. 

Mark Owczarski, a university spokesman, says that the suspect is being cooperative with law enforcement and has admitted responsibility for placing the cameras found earlier today. 

Owczarski says that there is no further information that shows the suspect worked with anyone else or that the suspect put additional cameras were placed around campus. 

The incident is under investigation. 


Two hidden cameras have been removed from two separate bathrooms on Virginia Tech's campus. 

Campus police recovered the two devices, which were found in public bathrooms.

One of the devices was disguised as a USB wall charger, which was plugged into a live electrical outlet.

The other was disguised as a clothing hook, which was mounted with adhesive and Velcro on a bathroom wall.

Anyone who sees anything else suspicious is asked to call the Virginia Tech Police Department immediately at the non-emergency number: 540-382-4343.

Police are asking people to not remove any suspicious items as this may interfere with obtaining evidence.