DEA searching for contractor to burn 1,000 pounds of marijuana per hour


HOUSTON, Tx. – Do you smell that? 

The Drug Enforcement Agency is hiring, and we have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of interested applicants, according to Local 10

They're looking for someone to burn marijuana -- like, a lot of marijuana. 

For eight hours a day, the chosen applicant will have to oversee the burning of 1,000 pounds of weed per hour. 

If you think this job is the perfect fit for that one pothead friend of yours, you're wrong. 

The DEA says applicants will have to go through their own background and drug tests because of, well, obvious reasons. 

The chosen contractor is also required to have a camera on site to ensure the employees don't enjoy the product too much. 

Along with marijuana and other controlled substances, the DEA says additional evidence that needs to be destroyed includes papers, cassette tapes, and pharmaceuticals.

You'd also have to move to Texas for the gig. 

Here's a statement that the DEA sent to KCEN

"Although we appreciate local citizens’ willingness to offer their help, this is a complicated, large-scale government contract we’re required by law to bid every few years, and there are usually only a handful of companies with the necessary facilities and resources to help us dispose of this material. While it makes for an interesting headline, the truth is far more prosaic - our agents working across the Houston Division make a huge number of great cases, and as a result, we seize a tremendous amount of illegal drugs. Arranging for the save and effective destruction of these drugs is just part of the job." 

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