Longtime Madison Heights restaurant Sid's Drive In is closing

Sid's will close in April, to be replaced by new car wash


AMHERST, Va. – A longtime food staple in Madison Heights is closing its doors this month.

Sid's Drive In on Route 29 won't serve your favorite hot dogs, homemade chili and coleslaw anymore.

The owner, Lois Connelly, says a new car washing is coming to the area.

Sid's has been a part of the community for more than 50 years.

Word of its closing is getting out and people are coming for their last hot dog, including Stephanie Coleman -- whose grandfather, Sid Hendricks, was the restaurant's first owner. She drove in from North Carolina.

"For years this was the only place here in Madison Heights and I had lots of fond memories. This was actually my first real job,"Coleman said.

"I would've liked to seen a restaurant come here, but a car wash is fine. I think a lot of people are excited about it," Connelly said.

Amherst County leaders say the new car wash will include 21 parking spaces with vacuums and two canopies.