Bedford County community feels impact of Friday's severe weather

Damage done in Thaxton area. 

THAXTON, Va. – As the storm continues throughout the region, people living and working in Thaxton felt the impacts of Mother Nature too. 

10 News saw trees uprooted from an elderly couple's property. The carport in their backyard was picked up and thrown by strong winds. 


Next door at Thaxton Market the manager tells 10 News that the store was full of customers when the storm came at 11:20 a.m. She said the lights were going on and off in the store. and things were blowing away.

"We had the flag pole. We had the gazebo top fly off, and a bunch of the glasses were flying and somebody walked out and they about flew out too," said Tammy Ruff, the manager at Thaxton Market.