Former Pittsylvania County employee files $4 million wrongful termination lawsuit

County, members of board of supervisors named as defendants in suit


PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – A former Pittsylvania County employee has filed a $4 million lawsuit against the county and others.

Former DSS Director Sherry Flanagan's lawsuit names the county, members of the board of supervisors, Chatham resident Henry Hurt and Danville private investigator Vic Ingram.

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of defamation, deprivation of constitutional due process, and wrongful termination predicated upon a violation of her First Amendment rights, though not all those counts are against all four defendants. 

Furthermore, Flanagan accuses the defendants of intentionally spreading false and damaging information about her and her office and contends that she was retaliated against for engaging in protected speech.

On Aug. 30, 2018, Flanagan was fired by Pittsylvania County, according to the suit.

Before her firing, the suit claims Flanagan was being harassed, both online and in public settings, by members of the board of supervisors.


Before Flanagan's firing in August, while at a meeting, the suit claims Virginia State Board of Social Services Deputy Commissioner J. R. Simpson stated that the public smear campaign against Flanagan amounted to “one of the worst cases of cyberbullying I’ve ever seen.”

No trial date has yet been set.

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