Roanoke foundry sues city

Company claims city's Greenway plan costing company business, devaluing property

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke company is suing the city over the city's plan for the Greenway.

Walker Foundry filed the lawsuit Tuesday.

The city has talked about using eminent domain to take part of the company's property for the Greenway.

The company claims it's losing business and the property value has decreased.

According to the lawsuit, the foundry would likely have to be moved if the Greenway is built as planned because the foundry would not be in compliance with the Department of Environmental Quality and would lose its permits required to operate.

Consequently, the lawsuit claims, "...the Foundry began to lose customers as a result of the City's announcement of the public project and the market fear that the Foundry would need to shut down and be unable to service customer orders."

The lawsuit does not list a specific amount of money the company is seeking.