Driveway dispute turns into decades of prison for Campbell County man

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – An ongoing dispute over the shared use of a driveway turned into prison time for a Campbell County man. 

A judge sentenced Ralph Ramsey, 63, to 39 years on Thursday. He shot Samuel Dawson, 55, to death in December 2016. 

Ramsey's sentence breaks down to 35 years for first-degree murder and four years for gun charges. His weapon will be forfeited and he will have to pay court costs. 

Commonwealth's Attorney Paul McAndrews told the judge that Ramsey "executed" Dawson, shooting him five times while Dawson sat in his vehicle. 

McAndrews stated when Dawson's son started to get out of his vehicle, Ramsey pointed the gun at him and told him to get out of there. An investigator testified Ramsey called 911 and told a dispatcher Dawson tried to run over him with his vehicle and he shot him.

The defense attorney tried to argue self-defense, but that argument did not hold up in court. 

The judge granted what the jury recommended during the trial.