Roanoke mayor joining those previously critical of the city on trip to Richmond for gun reform

Roanoke Indivisible has challenged city leadership on multiple topics

ROANOKE, Va. – A busload of people will leave Roanoke bright and early Tuesday morning destined for Richmond to advocate for gun reform, and Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea will be with them.

The city has unsuccessfully asked the state to let it restrict guns in the municipal building for a few years now. 

Roanoke Indivisible organized the bus trip and as a whole has been critical of City Council in recent months on a number of topics.


Lea said while he may not agree with all of their ideas, it's important to stand in solidarity with them.

"I look forward to the ride, that maybe we can talk out some things, some things we agree on, some things we disagree on, but we can do that and so I want to let them know that I support the issue of gun control," Lea said.


Lea is hopeful that lawmakers can make progress. Those in Roanoke Indivisible who have been critical of the mayor and council in the past say they're happy to have the mayor in their corner this time around.

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