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Former NFL star Rashad Jennings comes back home for 180 Weekend

On Saturday, Jennings will hold Camp 180 at Williams Stadium

BEDFORD, Va. – “I always come back because this is where I’m from. This area got a chance to see an unpretentious kid grow up and be a man,” former NFL football player Rashad Jennings said.

Jennings whose face is familiar to millions on TV, is back home for his annual 180 Weekend.

“And the reason why it’s titled 180 is because there was a point in time in my life I took a 180. I stopped blaming people. I stopped making excuses,” Jennings said.

The Bedford County native and Liberty University alum’s plans for this year are bigger than before.

For the first time, the 34-year-old started the weekend event with an open dialogue about community issues.

Now he, Lynchburg’s mayor and others are focused on fixing the poverty rate in the Hill City.

“We’re going to have a follow-up next week with everybody that was involved in the room. We’re going to send an agenda and start getting to work right away,” Jennings said.

On Saturday, Jennings will hold Camp 180.

About 520 kids, ages 6 to 17, will flood the football field to learn about the game.

"And then we open up afterwards the dialogue with how football can help in the process and help you with life,” Jennings said.

The former running back has dedicated the last decade of his life to mentoring young people across the country.

“I think, being in that position, I have an awesome responsibility to give and help. And I'm going to continue to do that as long as I live,” Jennings said.

He said he plans to continue accomplishing that here at home, and he said he can’t do it alone.

“There’s men and women here that live here on a daily basis. Please, if you have ideas, share it with me. I’m here to help,” Jennings said.

To learn more information about 180 Weekend and where the events will be held on Saturday and Sunday, click here.