TAP unveils new book donation, sale program

Program designed to create jobs, help fund other programs

ROANOKE, Va. – A Roanoke nonprofit has a new program to help bring in money and create jobs.

On Monday morning, Total Action for Progress unveiled its book donation and sale program.

Over the next couple of years, five to eight people are expected to be hired to help sort the donated books and collect them from sites around the Star City.

So far, three jobs have been created, about 5,000 books have been donated and about $30,000 worth of books have been sold online since the program started about six months ago.

Project coordinator David Moore said TAP wanted to build up an inventory of books and get the program running before publicly announcing it.

"We would love to have donations of any used books that folks have in their garage, in their basement, on their shelves or that they've read once and want to give a second life to," project coordinator David Moore said.

TAP president and CEO Annette Lewis said she is most excited about the new opportunity the program provides.

"This is a new opportunity for TAP to help our clients in a way we haven't before," Lewis said.

To learn more about the program, click here.