"It's beyond anything that you can ever imagine" Woman loses two nephews in two Roanoke shootings

Family members heard new details on both cases in court Tuesday

ROANOKE, Va. – Venita Jones is just trying to stay positive.

It's been a tough year for her and her extended family, as two of her nephews, Travis Turnage and Michael D. Jackson, were shot and killed in separate incidents in northwest Roanoke last year.

"It's beyond anything that you can ever imagine," Jones said.

She says it's been hard on the whole family to hear new details Monday and Tuesday in court.

Dominic Townes is accused of killing Turnage and Jacob Sallah.

In the trial, "Big Mike," a man who opened his door to see the gunman, admitted in court that he initially lied to police when at first he said he didn't know who came through his door.

In the other case, security camera video shows Jackson's murder outside a convenience store.

It shows the moment when Jackson punches Shannon Walker, the man now accused of killing him.

The struggle spills outside and Walker pulls a gun on Jackson and fires.

The prosecution argues that one of those bullets killed him.

Jones says she's disgusted with how she believes it played out.

"To stand over top of him three times and gun him down, that's not even human," she said.

Jackson's sister, Francine, started sobbing in the courtroom when the security camera video was shown.

"It was hard, sad, for them to do my brother like that when he didn't bother them," she said.

Francine feels Walker isn't showing any remorse.

"I just want justice. I want him put away. He doesn't deserve to be out here on the streets, he really doesn't," she said.