Robocalls on the rise; Ways to report and how to stop scammers from getting your number

Nearly 30% of all calls were fraudulent

ROANOKE, Va. – Hate robo calls? You aren’t alone. Scams and robocalls are on the rise. According to caller ID app Hiya, there were over 26.3 billion robocalls last year. Nearly 30% of all calls were fraudulent.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, those who fell for the fraud calls lost on average $700, totaling $332 million. The top five robocalls are fake IRS, Chinese consulate, health insurance, neighbor spoofing and search engine optimization.

There are ways to stop it.

If you have a home phone, register both your home and mobile number on the FTC’s national Do Not Call Registry.

For your cellphone, you can buy apps such as Nomorobo which has stopped over a million fraud calls, Truecaller, Robokiller or Hiya premium. 

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