17-year-old charged, more charges pending after barricading himself inside Roanoke County home

Police say he was wanted for stealing out of cars


A 17-year-old is facing several charges with more on the way after authorities say he barricaded himself inside a Roanoke County home Sunday. 

Around 6:30 p.m., authorities say a 17-year-old boy barricaded himself inside a home in the 5900 block of Dairy Road, off Plantation Road. 

Authorities say he did not live at the house and witnesses told police they saw him with a gun. 

Just before 10 p.m., authorities say he surrendered and was taken into custody. 

He was wanted for stealing out of cars at the end of last month in the Penn Forest and Buck Mountain Road area.   

Police did find a handgun, but it is unclear if it was stolen from one of the cars. 

He is facing several charges related to the alleged car thefts, including possession of a firearm under age 18, 37 counts of tampering with a vehicle, 10 counts of misdemeanor larceny, one count of unlawfully covering his face to conceal identity and larceny of a firearm. 


The 17-year-old has now surrendered to the police and in custody.

Police recovered a gun, but it is unknown if it's the same one he stole from a car. 

He is one of the suspects in connection to a series of car break-ins in Roanoke in the last few weeks.  


Police said a 17-year-old is barricaded in a house on Dairy Road in Roanoke County. Officers believe the teen to be armed.

The suspect has multiple outstanding detention order warrants, the juvenile version of an arrest warrant, one of them for a gun larceny from a vehicle, according to police. They suspect is believed to be involved in multiple other vehicle larcenies as well..  

They believe the teen is armed based on the fact of the stolen gun and that witnesses told police they saw the teen with a gun.

Police said the suspect does not live in the home he or she is currently inside.

Police said they started negotiations with the suspect around 6 p.m. Sunday, but the suspect has declined ways to contact police officers. Local neighbors are asked to remain in their homes.


There is a large police presence on Dairy Road in Roanoke County on Sunday evening. 

Police say a man is barricaded in his house with a gun. 

A K-9 is also on the scene. 

There is no other information at this time.

This is a developing story. Check back for more updates.