Organization collects supplies for Hurricane Dorian relief from Lynchburg shoppers

Gleaning for the World sets up donation trailer outside Sam's Club

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Central Virginia shoppers got an opportunity to help fellow Americans in Hurricane Dorian's path.

Local disaster relief organization Gleaning For The World set up a donation trailer for Dorian victims outside the Lynchburg Sam's Club on Sunday afternoon.

"Anytime there's a natural disaster, we want to be there to respond," said Teresa Davis of Gleaning for the World.

The organization collected supplies such as bottled water, diapers, cleaning products and nonperishable food. Davis says she believes people want to donate, so the organization backed up its trailer into Sam's Club to make it easier for them.

"People want to help, they just don't know how," Davis said. "When we're here, they're able to help in this way."

Martha Stephens was among the shoppers who donated bottled water. She is a Florida native, and most of her extended family still lives there.

"I just talked to my brother today, and they boarded up their house," Stephens said. "It's hard, but he'll get through it."


Gleaning for the World will take the supplies down to affected areas when it is safe to do so.

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