'It'll definitely put me out of business': E-cigarette businesses concerned about possible ban

President Trump considering banning flavored e-cigarettes

ROANOKE, Va. – When WC Vapor co-owner Billy Justice heard about President Donald Trump considering a ban on e-cigarette flavors, his mind went straight to his customers and other e-cigarette users.

"I'm not worried about my business. I'm worried about the effect it's going to have on the millions of smokers who have made a transition to a safer, alternative cigarette," Justice said.

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to have plans finalized soon to have e-cigarette flavors, except tobacco flavors, pulled from shelves within 30 days of the plan going into effect.

Justice doesn't believe, though, the ban has anything to do with the health risks associated with e-cigarettes.

"The tax revenues to the government would go back up," Justice pointed out. "Master tobacco settlement payments have been down over the last 10 years because of reduction in tobacco sales."

Jeremiah Robertson runs a company that makes e-liquids and electronic smoking devices.

He says the business would go up in smoke if a ban goes into effect.

"I own a few different companies. One of them is apparel manufacturing. So I'll probably stick with that, but my passion lies with helping people, and that's what I feel like we do whenever we manufacture what we call cessation methods," said Robertson.

He would like to see the president do more research on e-cigarettes.

"Stay away from what he likes to call fake news and really look at the facts. I understand he works with advisers and all that, but maybe he should do a little bit on his own," said Robertson.

It's an urgent plea from one businessman to another.

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