Danville superintendent says request for state help not sign district is failing

Superintendent requesting state department of education review district

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville's superintendent is asking people to see his request for help from the state as a positive, not a negative.

As 10 News reported Monday, Dr. Stan Jones is asking the state department of education to review the district and provide feedback.

He's asking for the review because of SOL scores and anticipated accreditation ratings.

He says asking the state for help is a sign the district has some struggles, not a sign the district is failing.

"I would hope that the community would say, 'This is a very prudent decision for him, a very strategic move for him.' I think what we learn as human is when you struggle, you ask for help," Jones said.

The request will be considered at the state board of education meeting Thursday.

If the request is granted, the review would be the first of its kind for the district.

When it would start and how long it would take is unclear.