William Fleming High School students in need have new way to get clothes

School clothes closet now open after school on Tuesdays

ROANOKE, Va. – Students in need at William Fleming High School in Roanoke now have a new way to get clothes.

The students can come in after school on Tuesdays with their family and get clothes from the school's clothes closet.

School Principal Archie Freeman III said the school wants to do everything possible to keep students in school.

"We've got to make sure our students are well-rounded. In doing so, we want them here at school every day," Freeman said. "We just have a variety of opportunities during the day we want to provide to the students, and we don't want to have any barriers that would keep them from coming to school. So I do feel like this is a benefit to have for all of our students."

To donate items to the closet, call the school at 540-853-2781.