10 News Political Analyst, local lawmakers react to Ukraine call, impeachment and more

ROANOKE, Va. – 10 News Political Analyst, Dr. Ed Lynch, joined us in the studio to talk about the Ukraine call, the impeachment inquiry, the whistleblower complaint, the 2020 election and more:


The Republican Party of Virginia released this statement:

"Despite lacking any evidence to justify their actions, Democrats are pursuing a far-left impeachment witch hunt instead of focusing on policies that help American citizens. Even though the overwhelming majority of voters oppose impeachment, 100% of Virginia's Democrat Congressional Representatives have signed on to the socialist squad’s latest litmus test."

-- Republican Party of Virginia

Tim Kaine, U.S. Senator for Virginia, tweeted this, among other tweets:

Morgan Griffith, U.S. Congressman representing Virginia's 9th district, released this statement:

Ben Cline, U.S. Congressman representing Virginia's 6th district, released this statement:

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has caved to those on the far-left of her party who are demanding an official impeachment inquiry.  She knows there is not enough support in the full House to pass a formal resolution of impeachment, so she has thrown her support behind the embarrassing spectacle of hearings that have been going on for months in the Judiciary Committee.  As a member of the Judiciary Committee, I have watched as the Democrats have failed repeatedly to build a case for impeaching the President, from hearings about nonexistent Trump-Russian collusion to the flop that was the Mueller Report.  While the Speaker and her party are now focused on new rumors, phone transcripts, and third-party allegations involving the President, I remain focused on doing the job that I was elected to do by the citizens of the Sixth District.  It is my hope that we can put aside these political games and work toward addressing the important issues facing the American people."

-- U.S. Congressman Ben Cline

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