SeaQuest opens this week, city leaders get VIP tour of live-action exhibit

SeaQuest opens to public Friday morning

LYNCHBURG, Va. – SeaQuest opens this week and some very important people in Lynchburg are getting a first look inside the live action exhibit.

On Tuesday, 10 News got a first look inside SeaQuest and met all the animals.

 "We were here last night and I kept hearing from all the young parents and their kids. They just can't believe something like this is in Lynchburg. So it's usually something that's usually in larger markets,” said Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University.

City leaders, business owners and other officials throughout the city were welcomed by a 13-foot-long snake, a sloth, parakeets and exotic cats.

Those are just some of the animals people will see. 

"It's the longest species snake in the world. As you can tell, he's an excellent hair aggressor, as well,” Brayden Albertoni with SeaQuest, said while the snake slithered through his hair.

10 News spoke with Falwell during the tour.

It's stuff I've never really seen before. And to be able to do it indoors and to be able to touch, it's just something unique,” Falwell said.

SeaQuest opens Friday morning.