Starr Hill Brewery visits Lynchburg to give community taste before 2020 opening

Starr Hill announces it's opening brewery on Main Street

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Starr Hill Brewery folks are in Lynchburg giving people a little taste of what the craft beer maker  has to offer.  

A week after announcing it will be expanding to the Hill City, city leaders gathered at the new location on 1300 Main St. to welcome the business to the area. 

Starr Hill officials say they've been looking for a new location in Lynchburg for three years. 

Brewmasters say they are excited the Hill City is another place to call home.

"Thank you for your investment, both of you. And to now have an official brewmaster in the city is exciting," Treney Tweedy, mayor, said.

"The excitement that's come up from this announcement is unbelievable. We had a hunch that Lynchburg was really itching for a brewery downtown and I think we were right," said Robbie O' Cain, brewmaster for Starr Hill Brewery.

Starr Hill held a meet and greet for community members at the Glass House on Jefferson Street.

About the Author:

Magdala Louissaint is an award-winning journalist who joined WSLS 10 in July 2017 as the Lynchburg bureau reporter.