City crews prepare for winter in Snow Roadeo

About 30 city employees drove through tight spaces, trying not to hit cones

LYNCHBURG, Va. – City crews in Lynchburg are preparing for winter.

About 30 city employees participated in a “Snow Roadeo" at Lynchburg’s City Stadium parking lot.

City leaders say they have a lot of new employees who haven’t experienced snow removal, and this is a chance to prepare them.

Crew members drove through an obstacle course with tight spaces while trying not to hit cones and mailboxes with the snowplow truck.

“Sometimes we’re not out there often and sometimes we’re out there all the time. This is a good time to prepare for the winter. We don’t just put people in vehicles and say, ‘go plow the roads,’ we prepare for winter,” Kirk Schultz, city horticulturist, said.

City crews will continue training with route discussions and truck equipment.

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