Cuteness overload! NICU babies dress up for Halloween

'My baby's Superman!'

ROANOKE, Va. – Babies in the NICU at Carilion Children's Hospital in Roanoke are ready for Halloween thanks to some volunteers and adorable costumes.

This will be the babies' first spooky holiday, but they have to spend it in the hospital.

That's why volunteers from the Carilion Children's Parent Advisory Board made 80 costumes out of felt for the little ones to wear and cheer up their families.

One mom, Darrah Phillips, was excited that her little boy, Greyson, who weighs just under 3 pounds, got to dress up with his big brother.

"We felt, like, you know, included," Phillips said. "It was really nice to be, like, 'My baby's Superman!'"

This is the first time the board has made these costumes, and they plan to do it again next year.

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