Virginia Democrats file gun safety, equal rights bills, among other legislation

Bills “set the tone” for what’s to come in Democrat-controlled General Assembly

ROANOKE, Va. – Democrats took control of Virginia’s General Assembly for the first time in more than 25 years, and they’re gearing up to make major changes.

Virginia Democrats filed several bills on Monday that will “set the tone” for their first session as the majority in more than two decades, according to Virginia House Democrats.

The bills deal with issues like gun safety, voting rights and equal rights.

The first bills include the following:

  • HB1: No-excuse in-person and mail absentee voting
  • HB2: Universal background checks
  • HB3: LGBTQ+ Housing Nondiscrimination
  • HJ1: Equal Rights Amendment

The House Democratic Caucus will formally announce its comprehensive 2020 legislative agenda before the session begins on January 8, according to Virginia House Democrats.

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